Perhaps you recall…the Fortune Teller. The mystical device which has predicted – with astounding accuracy – the fate of nearly every young girl. Riding on the coat-tails of this universally popular gadget I present the Fortune Teller Party Invitation. As

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(2) black 12″x12″ cardstock pink scrap of cardstock at least 10″x3″ glue stick silver glitter glue pirate hat.pdf pink pirate emblem 2up.pdf

Fablehaven Party Dragon Eggs

A few years ago I had the wonderful opportunity of helping with a going away party -of sorts- for the Fablehaven series. An exciting part of the evening was an auction hosted by the fairies. Their hope was to raise

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One day I found myself wondering how to send a cheesecake in the mail. Sara Lee has her refrigerated semi-trucks, but how would a commoner, such as myself, get chilled deliciousness from Utah to say, Pennsylvania? This is not the

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