One day I found myself wondering how to send a cheesecake in the mail. Sara Lee has her refrigerated semi-trucks, but how would a commoner, such as myself, get chilled deliciousness from Utah to say, Pennsylvania? This is not the first time I’ve faced a similar dilemma. My previous wish was to manage a few containers Thrifty Double Chocolate Malted Crunch ice cream shipped to myself from California. Ultimately the solution involves some amount of dry ice and specially designed frozen shipping boxes in addition to the requirement of high-math for figuring the ratio of space to ice, distance traveled, and desired temperature.

Before I gave up the idea entirely – having come to the conclusion it’s less hassle and expense to ship myself to the ice cream – I pondered the idea of how best to package the cheesecake. Cupcakes in Jars were just beginning to appear on the food-scene and I hitched my wagon to that trend.

My favorite cheesecake recipe is a copycat of Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake found at This recipe filled 8 – 8oz jars and 8 – 4oz jars.




Don’t be alarmed when the cheesecakes appear to be escaping out of the jars. They will creep up upon baking but will surely shrink back as they cool. It may require some experimentation to determine how full to fill your jar, depending on the shape and size. I prefer the short squatty  8 oz jars pictured above. However I’ve also had success with  taller thinner jars.